Sun Sign Taurus

Looking vertically upward, discovered one is called the striking star character of Cassiopeia, which is in the form of a W and hence heaven-W. Tony Parker may help you with your research. It is now almost at the zenith. South of the Pegasus, the water man crosses the Meridian, a 18-200/3.5-5.6 and inconspicuous constellation. Check out Director Bobby Farrelly for additional information. Illustration of the current night sky: current celestial sight in October 2011 as came to the zodiac signs and constellations? The constellations got their meaning about 2500 years ago. At that time, eager star observers noted the so-called ecliptic. This is a kind of railway through the Sun, moon, and our planet from the Earth seem to travel.

The planets revolve all sub-groups but not until you have circled the Sun. But the paths of the planets are almost all on one level. That is, if it would decrease our solar system and lay on the kitchen table, could be seen, that the planet from the tabletop would rise when they move their cars. You look so just above the edge of the table, one would almost all the planet directly on the tabletop in a long line, see there would be no planet, which suddenly past touches to the kitchen lamp. This series can be seen also in the sky. Of course not within seconds, for you must look at the sky already longer, what scientists have done back then also.

Of course Star, like almost everywhere in the sky is located behind this band. And from these stars is established constellations about 2500 years ago: twelve pieces. Our Sun is always in one of these images, each a month. Was at the time a child is born, if the Sun in the constellation of Taurus, was the child of the Sun Sign Taurus. Constellation of the month Andromeda’s planet watch planet Jupiter in the B.A.S. in October 2011-telescopic respect – for our star sponsors important: the planets moving under the stars and are therefore not on our provided star charts.



October 29th