Cheapest rooms with shared facilities. There is a class above the resort – for example, "Sochi" (From 1.800 to 3.600 rubles a day), Russia (from 1.500 rubles). Ticket can be booked at full term (3 weeks), and can only be for half a term. In an excellent resort "Arctic" voucher worth an average of 25.000 rubles for 21 days. A seaside boarding house Svetlana 22 days takes 18.000 rubles to the full board. Many motels in the city – profile, that is designed to cure certain diseases. So if you, say, the core – Choose a spa that works namely with cores. Incidentally, in Sochi still remained such a thing as – for those who do not want to be treated.

That is, you eat with other guests, to go on trips and so on, but the price will not be including treatment, it is much cheaper than the usual sanatorium vouchers. – the word of those times when the shot funny black and white movies from the life of the Soviet holiday, when all the heroes wore white, and at every opportunity sang songs in Sochi fountains and lush rosebushes. This atmosphere of musical melodramas in the stylish decor of Stalin's empire can be caught and feel even today. The once all-Russian luxury resorts – sanatoria and rest homes – are still in formation, and differ only in degree of well-groomed. Sanatorium for the most part look decent. Few mangy body, as a rule, modestly hiding in the depths, and each year they less.



May 18th


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