Swedish Professor

Excellence teams use the resources needed for the meeting. Do not improvise anywhere and spare no means necessary. Meetings can be more efficient if there is a good projector, hearing from a good video is allowed, members can easily make use of a power point, etc. Be innovative to work as a team. Today there are software specialized to make spectacular presentations.

Note, e.g., this video of a Swedish Professor can imagine it is the projection of results of your company? The company and the team the Fish Book (the efficiency of a team lies in its ability of motivation), is one of many books that are written about the motivation, leadership, work in equipment, etc. The originality of this work is that the story unfolds in a fish market (Pike Place) and in the original keys to motivate your – fellow – employees and customers. It is the type of book that reminds us that the world could be much better if all us striving a bit by changing our attitude. How many sites we know (I work, communities, families, etc.) where the environment becomes unbreathable: twitching, tensions, moodiness, suspicion in detriment of the generosity, kindness, empathy in synthesis: there are sites where you can breathe a toxic energy dump. Obviously in this situation creativity, flexibility, motivation and enthusiasm are conspicuous by their absence. Better only than in bad company, says the proverb. Who has not experienced the frustration of believing in a computer and found only before carrying out a task that requires more heads and hands? Or on the contrary, who has not experienced the frustration of needing greater autonomy in carrying out its task within the team and found that all they want to say and meddle in its implementation? Although all we think we know what is team work, the reality is that many times it becomes a sum of individualities that work in the company, or in a school playground.



June 25th


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