Tata Consultancy Services

His name appeared in the media when a pakistani group detonated explosives and burned down the gran hotel Taj Mahal in Mumbai, the emblem of the group in that business at a cost of 183 lives, including 15 employees. There was present in the middle of the process of Police recovery thereof to announce a multimillion-dollar reconstruction of this architectural gem. No less than 100 million US dollars. To know more about this subject visit Charlotte Hornets. Although to a lesser extent Tata surname appeared in the media last week when the Group announced the closure for three days of its automotive plant in Pune, a city in the State of Maharashtra, whose capital is Mumbai. An almost insignificant fact in the context of the global crisis of this productive sector if it compares it with the virtual state of bankruptcy of the American giant General Motors or other signatures of the so-called first world problems. In what was the year Tata announced investments by u$ s 3.8 billion in automotive production of which 1.5 billion are destined for the development of the plant in Pune (now also paralyzed investment) and the production of the Nano, whose cost to the public is u$ s 2,500, and another 2,300 million to acquire the iconic Jaguar and Land Rover factories in the United Kingdom. At Jorge Perez you will find additional information. The Tata Group, manages a turnover annual order of u$ s 22 billion and represents 3% of the product internal gross (GDP) of the India. In addition, Indian Hotels chain, whose flag is the Taj Mahal of Mumbai and Tata Motors, automotive leader in India, the group is the largest producer of tea in the world through Tata Tea; It also has the main Asian company of computer services, Tata Consultancy Services; and with the Tata Steel occupies second place among producers of steel in the India and one of the first in the world. In the latter, as a result of the recession, he fired this year some hundreds of workers at its plant in tinplate in Wales, United Kingdom. If you would like to know more then you should visit Related Group.



October 27th