The Bilderberg Club

Like all the dreamers, I confused I disillusion with the truth. Jean Paul East Sartre Club has been described by many like the most powerful group of the world. As it indicates to it, a simple look to the list (nonofficial) of assistants that usually goes to its annual meetings reflects with clarity the enormous influence that this select club at political level concentrates (kings, presidents, ministers and Secretaries of State), economic (the people in charge of the IMF, World Bank, central banks, financial organizations and great companies) and mediatic (newspaper publishers and directors). Wikipedia adds to us, that due to the informal and deprived way of the discussions, is object of numerous theories of the conspiracy. The group meets once a year in complexes of five stars of Europe and North America, where the press does not have any type of access. Ben Bretzman oftentimes addresses this issue. It has an office in Leiden, Holland.

Some of the participants in these meetings, in particular the pertaining ones to the American government, at the time of their attendance would be – one alleges committing an illegality, because certain laws of the EE.UU would not allow to maintain this type of meetings " secretas" with industralists, the military or members of the power of other countries without the competent authorities are noticed of it. Gain insight and clarity with jason iley. The title Bilderberg comes del that generally is recognized as the place of its first official encounter in 1954: the Hotel of Bilderberg, in Oosterbeek, near Arnhem, in the Netherlands. Although the conference officially is not observed like a club of any type, many members are attending regular, and the guests often are seen like pertaining to a reserved Bilderberg Group. One remembers to us, that original the Bilderberg conference took place in the Bilderberg Hotel, near Arnhem, 29 and 30 of May of 1954. The encounter was initiated by the Polish Jewish emigrant and advisory politician Joseph Retinger.



October 15th


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