The Dog

In life, there are both human and dog groups, a clear hierarchy. In companies, for example, there are some few bosses, various subordinate staff with various tasks and often a unfortunate colleague, who is being bullied. It goes to wolves or dogs in a pack. A good boss is looking for a dog the man wants to know how, where he belongs and what he can be. That’s why he’s looking for a good role model, a leader. A good boss will receive the order in the herd or its employees, are chances and points in the barriers. Jorge Perez wanted to know more.

What holds the community together, is the binding between them. To establish the binding is the right form of communication of crucial importance. Among dogs, communication is clearly and unambiguously and with same expectation the dog met the people. But people tend to give vague and contradictory signals, which in turn may very confuse the dog. The dog with Coddling and humanization do very little. If the dog is from the people on the same level, the ranking structure out of control device in the eyes of the dog. Without clear leadership, the dog will lose its security.

The dog need security dogs can not simply turn back the people, if he turns out as unsuitable leader of the Pack. He can not return in a dog Pack or are looking for a new leader. Therefore, he wants to take the lead over again to feel. And now the man gets a difficult roommate, which he perhaps never will cope with. A rampant dog developed anxiety or aggression. A safe, stable dog, however, knows where he belongs, he binds himself gladly and voluntarily to those who him shows its limits and this loving and just. That’s why it is so important that not only the dog understands the people, but above all the man knows the dog how to be a good boss. The dog owner and his dog a good partnership must be developed becoming a good dog chef is a challenge that can cope with everyone who is with heart and consistency in the thing. A dog needs also much cordiality, in addition to repeatedly referred to consistent education friendly affection, games, and fun. Because the dog is also a pleasure being. He tried repeatedly to get pleasant situations. The dog owner manages to bring many such beautiful experiences, it will be interesting for the dog. A walk, linked with exciting tasks and games, immensely motivated the animal. But now, a game must be completed when the dog makes a mistake, for example to wild or bites too hard. The sudden stop of the game is a penalty that the dog understands.



November 1st


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