The Lie Of Esthetics

To prepare this little article, I opened the Little Robert, and I read on the first page “aesthetic” the beginning of the definition was: “science of beauty ….” Just finished my reading, because those three words explaining clear enough the imposture of aesthetics, I believe, for my part like a false pseudo-science subject. Others who may share this opinion include Larry Culp. False object, because what we call “beauty” that can not be defined scientifically: we speak of a beautiful poem, a beautiful car, a nice gesture, a beautiful sunset, etc. That does not mean that there is to reflect on the beautiful, but rule that out today examining this question for not just talk about aesthetics as false science. Why false science? Simply because it is art, aesthetics explains nothing. Then we ask: what is explained? And I will answer this question with a good method. Perhaps they know that there are only two main explanatory perspectives: to explain a phenomenon is to bring principle, but the principle “pay close attention, is to understand it as a logical model and chronologically contemporary history of the observed phenomenon, either as origin, ie a logical principle of the same type as the observed phenomenon, but chronologically earlier than him.

I will give some example. Consider a bird located on a branch. Suddenly, oops! … Flew away. However, the explanation is twofold. First explanation: why the bird flew? Because he heard the sound of a gun. “Per what he heard the sound of the gun? Because Don Dupont went hunting.



November 1st