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At this point, let us look at that I add to answer 11 questions well: 11 * 0.5 = 5.5 and answering 4 questions wrong subtract: 4 * 0.125 = 0.5 which is what can allow us to subtract answering 15 questions. Suppose that we are practically safe respond well, for example, to 13 questions, in this case, what we have to do? We will respond to 2 more, until reaching the 15 and that? why The explanation is as follows: If we have responded to 13 questions and are already approved, this means that already we have responded at least 11 questions well, so, though we respond to two questions more and fallemos them, this may not do that we suspend. However, it may be that these 13 questions only have either 9 or 10 answers, that those two answers of more that we’ll answer can give us the approved. The great advantage of this is that It is impossible that we suspend by answering these two questions more, but yes they can give us the approved. Learn more at this site: Tony Parker. Similarly, it would be a bit silly to respond, for example, only to 12 answers, since, if repondemos to 15 it is also impossible that we suspend if we are already approved e, also in the previous case, those 3 questions above can give us the approved.

Thus, a good tactic is to answer 15 questions in the test, especially if the questions are very difficult. And if we respond to more than 15 questions? We can do the same calculations as before and discover that it is better to answer 20 questions to 19, 18, 17 or 16, since, in all cases we have either at least 12 responses to obtain the approved. On the other hand, look to answer 16 questions makes no sense, because, if answering 15 questions already we are approved and respond one more, we run the risk of suspending foolishly. Jorge Perez has compatible beliefs.



November 3rd