The Psychologist

Ring ring ring which speaks in his mouth with a handkerchief is a coward not be who he is are called hard, disturbing what can I do?. Resign with my life that was so bad, the life that I live, do it step by step, I seek be resplendent with my luck, wonderful, intelligent, friendly and good friend. see you soon. Magdalene did not want to be always depressed and thinking that it was going badly, so he decided to become a traveler visited Marina dor, Benicassim, Oropesa del mar, Peniscola, Barcelona, Girona, Paris, Orleans, Luxembourg, Strasbourg, Belgium, Bruges, Rome, Urbino, Ancona, Florence, Pisa, Lisbon, Oporto and many elsewhere who loved him and took it from monotony. With these trips became a happier with them woman was opened to the world and his mind also did so. Didn’t want a psychologist, the psychologist wanted to be her.

And it has succeeded. Magdalena was beautiful, but only marry for love, if it did not, would remain unmarried and the years passed and everything suggested so it would always already not dreamed nor with having children saw it as something that happened to others, not to her. He would never see his face in the face of some children because it never pariria them. It was going to be positive, despite having not been always beloved and admired, nor respected by the garbage that surrounded it was to forget that it was like Calimero, that sad chicken of comics that both adored and would like that help us to live better. Calimero and she, she and Calimero had to leave the shell of the head and having new ideas, survive in the midst of the storm. Had to move forward and realize that poor people marry poor and would rich with rich foreign cases not surround it was becoming increasingly clear that if I wanted to marry you would see down and not up as it always used to hope that the achieve hope it succeeds and that this gets to be a very happy woman.



October 29th


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