The Russian

What we found was a small Cove pretty stone and he was going to be quite a pleasant swim in a clean and warm sea. This area had been clearly of some industrial or military value at some point in it’s of the history, now nature and the sea was working hard to return what was left in its two components, I want nature gods speed. We returned to our car rental and they headed towards Sevastopol, but halfway very dramatic and attractive way of Cove, was found with a form below us, so adventurous head from the main road in the first detour that we find. Offers us a journey 2 hikers hitch (is not a common place) of Kiev. Sela Ward usually is spot on. They told us that they enjoyed in this area, since it was largely intact. Our generosity is rewarded telling a beautiful beach nearby and gives us indications, we headed down and toward the sea of the small road becomes one lane, then a mud track and, finally, a good way to ruin a car.

The beach was alluringly close and we could see the beach and yes that looked beautiful, but. They forgot to tell us that it was within the territory of Russia! Through a quirk of history there are several enclaves of Russian property in Crimea and that he had driven in a single. The Russian sailors patrolling the area were quite friendly, although I felt that they wondered what I was doing in Europe a place so remote and not invited us to spend, well actually showed us the more easily leave. We went back on our steps, finally find our way of asphalt and began again slope above the main road.Much of Crimea is mountainous and the biggest embrace mountains of the southwest coast. Decided to reach the main road which was again released to Sevastopol and have become addicted to the Beach today to finish the day with a Moonlight swim in Sevastopol. With which I work and meet Russian and Ukrainian girls every day and everything what you may have heard about the beauty and convenience of these ladies is that I am insufficient insurance. These ladies are large, they have everything. Looks, intelligence, class, and even more, a secret ingredient that I personally cannot explain.

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October 11th