The Silence Of The Night

of course of a shadow… the gang of rebels… Under most conditions Starbucks would agree. the revolution of rebels of many metaphor but a message… many pictures but one color. It is the inflexible will, to want to make a difference and to the erschutterbaren faith, something to change you, running in the dark. I see you\”melancholy tones break his silence.

A moving small light point desecrated his darkness. And on the powerful ground moving light reveals clearly the fresh footprints. Footprints, which reveal the course of light, but they quickly eaten by the no longer Virgin dark and in the infinite width it thunders. You’re running in the dark. You run? where\” There is however no directions, but only one direction. There are no compromises, but only one solution. The luminous point stopped and a wild long cry ringing in the sky. Was it the answer to the Thunder? Was it a cry of suffering? A desperate? Only the last two types have equipped with the necessary courage to challenge dark and laughing at to break the silence in small pieces of ECHO, but not even the echo had the courage to repeat that cries to you, who is running in the dark this time.

Give it up?\” And the radiant point further. Surrounded by the enemy can dark he moved more decisively. Give up? It means that tortured and tyrannisierte spirits will never be alone! That true love and undeserved sufferings pass never to love but he never could. And the melancholy tones ringing continues. You’re running in the dark. What comes out of nowhere, going back to nowhere?\” He has buried his fear and never visited the gravesite. He has buried also his grief because apart from his hopes and dreams in his or her own graveyard and wrote on the sand before: one ran here \”to progress faster with less load, because who is running without his hopes, will never stumble on the disappointments who runs without any plans or dreams, is he never lost but reciprocated not.



November 1st