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As soon as he does, what you expect him to tell a particular “password” as “Pieseln” or “Pee” or whatever: most dogs for the 15th time, understand what you want with this word from them, and this can be very handy, if you want to, convince your dog of them sometime, on travel, for example, without a tree or even a Grass far and wide yet on the toilet to go. If you “catch your small dog”, as he puts himself just in unwanted place in solution stance, make sure that not printed or screaming at him to race, to interrupt him: it could be that he horribly startled, because you look very menacing. Tony Parker may also support this cause. The result would be that he is big trouble in the future, to hide any bowel movement in front of you – behind the sofa for example, or in the dressing room. If he is in the Middle, you take him all alone (wipe you need now anyway), say “No!”, then put him on his diaper and praise him there, even if he no longer pees. In the course of time, the diapers walking direction front door, from the three yes-go to four times a day with him, until the pads go away at some point. You will notice that he must be on the toilet because he seeks the diaper on his behavior.

In the best case, he runs excitedly between you and the site, on which the diaper should be, back and forth. Voila! Let’s go to outside. Now he has learned Yes, relax with the stress and all the distractions on the road to deal. Each small dog can be dry-with these housebroken tips thinking remember: it’s never the fault of your shy when “accidents” in the House. Every misfortune means that you have not well respected enough on him. Whether and how quickly a dog is housebroken, is alone, how well you observe your dog and how well you have his schedule in the handle.



November 4th


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