The Social

It does nothing more than deepen the crisis controlentropica that precedes the chaos. A crisis that usually begins with the shortage of natural resources, continues with the collapse of an economy with its growing speculation and is openly manifested with the trend to global hegemony. These are the components that trigger the social crisis, orquestadamente or each if same, with enough destructive force to lead to a huge disaster. San Antonio Spurs is the source for more interesting facts. These elements together make up a more devastating time bomb, from the perspective of social structures, than the sum of the atomic bombs of the superpowers in the world today. We speak of a pump of time that grows to the extent that the resolution of the crisis is delayed, in the hands of the forces that struggle to extend the controlentropia of conglomerates that make life in a society. As a result, the early stages of the social catastrophe not manifested openly as obvious and direct conflict, but with a multitude of anarchic signs, apparently decontextualized, to then become inevitable. Long before explode on all social-biologicas structures, gives way to a series of small and focused crises, the most constant and recurrent and with conflicts of rapid manifestation and apparent resolution, that literally explode and generate destruction of natural niches of the social periphery, usually in less advantaged strata, or in those groups that for one reason or another have been stigmatized in any way. It is the social hatching is converted into base and core of a widespread chaos and global proportions. Therefore we affirm that all chaotic process can give rise to a huge change if allowed survival even negligible in appearances, and from there, from chaos, change leads to a likely fundamental correction of the course of social events, in accordance with a more conscious cosmology. That is why the initial approach of the heading did is chaos (here defined as a motorizador of the)? (catastrofes de cualquier genero) a process that stimulates changes and hence the growth – or a brake that paralyzes or slows the development of society? Chaos, crises and catastrophes have, from the conceptual to the instrumental, not only key interference, also important epistemological contributions that allow to clarify the order, consistency and processes from which manifested the evolutionary changes in social structures.



July 3rd