The Spaniards

For a variety of reasons, certain function words such as conjunctions and adverbs are often borrowed from the Spanish: but, because, up to, and, or nor, even, Yes, when, because, why, then. Some languages have assimilated the order of words with the subject-verb – object. Unlike the Spanish in Mesoamerica has been the recipient of vast amounts of material lexicon of local languages, primarily the Nahuati, the loan has come from the names of plants, animals, artifacts, and indigenous forms in mesoamerica and which were missing in the Spanish. Learn more on the subject from Sally Rooney. Among the reasons that Nahuati has been the predominant source is that the Aztecs were the first Mesoamerican people conquered by the Spaniards, the Aztecs had been in many parts of mesoamerica, the Spaniards recruited Aztecs, particularly as, in their military forces to assist their adventure of subjecting the rest of mesoamerica, and guides for several decades, Aztec, written in Roman orthography was used in many parts of mesoamerica for official documents, wills, and census records. Many of these borrowed to the Spanish since the Aztec words have gone instead into English, thus; Chile, avocado, chiche, chocolate, peyote, coyote, tomato, ocelot, guacamole, mezcal. In some parts of mesoamerica, because of their economic and social conditions, an Indian could speak one or more Indian languages, apart from his own, this is common in Guatemala, where in some areas recently colonized by speakers of more than one language, or some communities have received inhabitants of outside in a remote past. INTERACTION WITH THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE. DEFINITION of the term PIDGIN pidgin term applies a number of varieties of speech that have grown out of the English language or other languages and have been used in various parts of the world since the 17TH century. Bastard jargon called often. These languages are actually such as others either and can be properly delimited and described.



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