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Adults should praise the child for self-expression, the proper implementation of sanitation procedures. Necessary to ensure proper coverage of those places in apartment where the child draws, looks at books. He has to sit at the tv no more than 15-20 minutes. at a distance of 2-2,5 m from the screen in front of him. If a child is excited, reduce the intensity of illumination.

For the formation of correct posture parents need to teach a preschooler to control the position at the table. It is important to choose the right footwear for your child, corresponding to the size of the foot, which has a small wide heel, stable and comfortable. In family environment of preschool children also need to know the rules of etiquette, to maintain compliance with the rules of table manners, to be able to serve a table, use a knife and fork, napkins. At weekends and on Sundays desirable to observe the regime of the day. Parents should know that a child while walking to much and to move freely, as it is in motor activity, he finds a place of his boundless energy and imagination, she stimulates the emotions, speech and intellectual activity, self-regulation. Very well to introduce the family tradition of sports, to attach the child to skiing, skating, cycling, sports games, swimming. Playing with a child, adults need to nurture the ability to obey a general rule, to control the expression of emotions and behavior, to form a psychological resistance to failure. There's nothing better if the family remains joyous, emotional and positive atmosphere there and supported the tradition of family celebrations, leisure, and parents contribute to the enrichment preschooler: together go to the theater, concerts, a circus.

Dear mom and dad and grandparents! You should always remember that for a child's role model. So do not be lazy to respond to the initiative shown by children in communication. Strive to be a person who has something to teach, be an interesting conversationalist, a partner in play and joint activities, competent and tolerant. Human health depends entirely on the image of his life and behavior. That's why it's so important to teach a child that to protect himself, to preserve, develop, multiply what is given by nature itself.



April 1st


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