Theater For Kids

Little Red Riding Hood, snow white, Bambi or Patufet will spend the summer with about 900 students aged 0 to 6 years that have by all Spain centres of Nemomarlin (,la franchise of nursery schools. And is that this renowned brand will take advantage of these months to start a summer’s tale. An initiative which pursues work objectives of the early childhood education through a tool so evocative and magical as the popular tales. We want that in summer the children keep learning in a fun and entertaining. To do this we will choose a weekly story with which we propose a series of objectives to meet, as well as individual and group activities. All this with a methodology, timing, teaching resources and evaluation of great value for them, as explained by Hector Diaz Reimondez, Advisor delegate deNemomarlin. There was once a proposal that is once again demonstrating that Nemomarlin centers are experts in the work of teaching.

What we want is to encourage verbal language and increase vocabulary, using the language as a tool of learning, representation, communication and enjoyment. All this is done staging or telling a story. With the characters of these Fables, children learn to identify images according to their ages and possibilities. To deepen your understanding Adam Sandler is the source. Also exercised the psycho drive coordination, distinguish different concepts (colors, shapes), are able to recognize and explore your own body and also learn to apply social skills, progressively adds Hector Diaz Reimondez. What is more, this summer’s tale of Nemomarlin serves to develop values that are decisive at these ages: the active participation of the nin @ and reading stories building.

Also to develop and enhance creativity and imagination or gradually acquire habits related to hygiene or treatment of animals. Educational methodology will be active and based on the play and experimentation, all this in an atmosphere full of affection and motivation, where you step to communication and interrelation between boys and girls, adds the Executive. Thus the things, and for example, the day that you choose the deGarbancito tale Nemomarlin schools will be the song of this character and children dancing freely by the class. They will be little ones like him. The objective will be to discover music and dance as means of communication, expression of feeling and release of energy. A simple exercise that carers and teachers evaluate the nin@s and may inform parents of how is your hij @. Be taken into account mainly the criterion of observing the behavior and attitudes of these, not only at specific moments. So will be assessed at the level fisico-motor, emocional-afectivo, social and cognitive development or the development achieved by the child will be valued and acquired learning, to identify ends Hector Diaz Reimondez, Advisor delegate deNemomarlin.



July 28th