Town Hall Square

Once again the failures are embodied in Valencia with more than 400 monuments falleros occupying the streets. This is a week of intense activity, where between 15 and 19 March, which means that the city is full of visitors and citizens mascletas attentive to the parade, the floral offering to the Virgin of the Helpless, castles fireworks, music concerts and food samples of these days. These acts hidden symbolism that goes back two centuries ago, when Valencia held next spring on March 19, the day of San Jose, where carpenters of the city began to burn in the streets leftover parts their stores to enter the new season. Today is still held in San Jose and has become the cream, when the Fallas monuments perish in the flames, the city is renewed, and ready for spring. Thus, the festival has evolved and been institutionalized in a broad program of events taking place in five days. The Acts city changes face failures and for five days produced a break in the normal rhythm of things.

The last Sunday in February Crida occurs, an act in which the Mayor of Valencia Fallera calls from Torres de Serranos to citizens and visitors in announcing the start of the festivities and that symbolizes the opening of doors city at all. After this event, on March 1 mascleta begin, taking place every day at 14.00 pm in Town Hall Square until 19 March, consisting of a powerful explosion of gunpowder about five minutes..



February 5th