United States

Stories about smart home is no surprise. System of 'smart home' is becoming more popular worldwide, and in our country, including, but many still frown at the mention of automation systems for the home as from something distant and totally adapted to our Russian reality. The idea to make the building 'intelligent' originated in the United States. First appeared Intelligence building (intelligent buildings), which was based the use of structured cabling systems. Such systems allow using the same cable to provide job pbx, computer network security systems, etc. Then he began to emerge of multiplexing of communication channels, allowing a single cable to transmit various information simultaneously. The concept of smart home has been formulated in the 70 years of 20 century, the Institute of intelligent building in Washington as "Building, providing a productive and efficient use of space." In 1978, the company's X10 usa and Leviton have developed technology to control household appliances for household electric wires. System allowed control of lighting devices and supports only six teams the power management. Further searches for ways to improve the automation and creation of new solutions brought a lot of electronic company. To date there are over a dozen different home automation technologies. So, what now constitute a system of 'smart house' that they give the owners of dwellings, which are installed, and how they are available to us mere philistines? Try to understand. So, smart home – an intelligent control system, which combines into a single set all the equipment to perform various tasks in the sphere of security, livelihood, entertainment and communications.



August 28th