Video Editing

Sanitary napkins cell phones produce, and some famous companies such as BASF. Kit for cleaning BASF is suitable not only for phones but also for computer monitors, keyboards and other electronic devices in a plastic case. Produce these tissues in Finland and in Russia, a collection of 100 pieces worth about $ 100. Earlier this year, BASF plans to expand the range of cleaning products – will have a new product Mobile Cleaning, designed to care for laptops, LCD monitors and mobile phones. From domestic resources we recommend a special spray for cleaning the 'Video Editing'. Tony Parker understands that this is vital information.

It can be bought at radio store for about 50 rubles. After causing the fluid to the surface of the device should be thoroughly wiped with a soft cloth or chamois. rs understands that this is vital information. The fabric should be avoided because the villi can get inside the phone. It should be noted that most domestic 'flushing' (again, according to employees of service centers) are not designed for cell phones, so buying in the store or that cleaning product, it is necessary to take an interest in this account to the seller. If you're not inclined to experiment, and the time to clean up has already come, contact the appropriate workshop. There to clean dust from cell phones are used air blowing and the special vacuum mini vacuum cleaners.

In addition, We were told about a special device used to remove minute dust particles ultrasound. Such a procedure would cost 200-350 rubles. A replacement keyboard from the erased numbers on the new one – no more than $ 30.



August 28th