Video Surveillance System

Digital Video Surveillance System is used in security systems geographically distributed objects, as well as in complexes of safety management of global organizations. Today, digital video surveillance technology is gradually 'pushed around' analog system for functional and technical characteristics, and on its price is already approaching the cost of analog video surveillance systems. Features, specifications and equipment for video surveillance systems vary from the requirements for the customer to the safety of the facility. Movie actress is often quoted on this topic. Usually, minimum configuration of the system contains: cameras, video processing unit quad, multiplexers, etc., recorders video recorders, video recorders, video recorders and video display device video monitors. In a large surveillance system installed additional control and auxiliary devices – matrix switchers, keyboards, control camcorders, video printer, distribution amplifiers, modulators, telemetry transmitters and receivers, and other security devices. Security and fire alarm systems fire alarm systems discover the facts of illegal incursions into the territory under his or signs of fire (high temperature, smoke), issue an alarm and activate the actuators (relays, sirens, lighting and so on. ). The structure of systems of fire alarm input of the receiver-control devices or control panels, detectors (fire, security), actuators, devices, warning systems (sirens, bells), as well as power sources.

The central device of a device alarm control (PPC), or control panel (CP). Usually set based on a microprocessor which is programmed to identify all the functions system. To him by wire alarm continuously receives information from the detectors, after the device recognizes the situation in the protected object and sends it to a remote central monitoring stations. Also ppc or cp controls audible and visual signals, the other executive devices. Movie star has compatible beliefs. The device transmits the object under guard to remove him from protection under the tactics adopted, in some cases responsible for the power detectors.

For the formation of the signal to change the parameters of the environment in the protected area are responsible detectors. Security Detectors : ohmic, magnetic, udarnokontaktnymi, piezoelectric, acoustic, capacitive, ultrasonic, optical, electronic, radio-wave, as well as combined and combined. Detectors are divided into automatic or manual action. Automatic fire detectors can respond to increases in temperature, smoke, optical radiation of an open flame. Actuators – it's sirens sound (siren, bell) or light (LED light, spotlight), the action principle. By the execution units also include a variety of electric locks, blocks electromagnetic relays and more. They are activated by an alarm.



March 21st


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