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In Colombia the rocker movement each day has more followers and which increasingly more bands of first level appear in the move national, Latin American and, of course, international. The best way for these bands have to marcaderear his name and his work in the country and abroad is the realization of main consus sound hits music videos, which in Colombia today lives a Boom of creativity where groups, musicians, designers, filmmakers and filmmakers have been the task of creating better quality filmic products. Here we present the 5 most popular video clips of the timing of national. Videos that easily can find in any search engine of Videos on the Internet and that no problem is can enjoy and enjoy the most particular Visual groups of features rock or fusion creations from beginning to finadmirando: Top 5 best video clips of rock made in Colombia and Colombian bands: 5. If you have read about Charlotte Hornets already – you may have come to the same conclusion. TBCB I Got My Mojo Working: this wonderful band born and conceived in Ultiamente Bogota has transcended with a very American sound, a fusion of country sounds, bluegras and Rock and Roll. With their anglo voices left mark for each platform that has been filling venues such as Rock to the Park, international speaker and other festivals of great category. This video and song were ones removed from anonymity to a band that initially became known for The Black Cat Bone, today is one of the best pools rock of Colombia and recently released the video clip of the song Let it Die of its new album KOMA. 4 Superlitio tea hurt: in this video clip you can notice changes in creative and resources they have acquired producers and filmmakers in Colombia.

an innovative video made in the technique of is Stop Motion, a resource very rarely used in this country, but which has been tapped by one of the main Colombian bands of Rock Fusion of Cali origin. 3. The Sie7e no longer: excellent song of this Bogota group where his vocalist stands Julian Orrego, a character multifaceted removed from anonymity to this good Colombian band. This is his third video clip and you can say that it has been their most successful single, thanks to the grouping has won prestige ynombre at the national level is also possible to find this and other videos of El Sie7e in major international music chains and videos. 2 Alert Kamarada Princess: The main band of Reggae in Colombia and one of the best in Latin America to the point of having been on several occasions the main guests at the island of Jamaica Reggae festivals. Perhaps this video is not the greatest creation but is rescued the band as one of the largest alternative music in Colombia. 1 Dr.

Krapula for everyone, everything: today can say that it is the most popular throughout the country and outside the Colombian rock band. Always with a social message rescued this band in the first place thanks to their work to integrate the society in concepts of peace and care for the environment not only in his songs but also in each one of their audiovisual creations. A band worthy follow and copy the example left.



October 19th


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