Fifth Notte Bianca in Collina in the Monferrato successfully in the yard of the winery la Tenuta la Tenaglia no place is more free, as the journalist and presenter of the evening, Chiara cane, under a starry night sky the winner of the regional elimination of 28 national beauty competition La Bella d’ Italia”Announces. Noemi Ingrosso, 24 year-old Graduand from Casaleggio Novara, can’t believe their luck. Under the eyes of more than 500 guests the sash is put to her, which represents the entrance ticket for the final in Tropea in September. The nine-member jury from Germany and Italy, chose from among 21 participants as beauty queen of the Piedmont region. The honorary title of a future Bella d’Italia the 15 year old Francesca, the daughter may forward of the oenologist Tenaglia, Roberto Imarisio.

The beauty contest is the successful opening of the fifth white night in the Hill, the one Venus and Bacchus this year titled night of emotions”was. It will be emotional also, as “Reinhold Reinohl from bath by his project help for children in Uganda” reported that he looked after more than 14 years of experience with great passion and conviction. From the outset, Sabine Ehrmann, daughter of yogurt producer family from the Allgau and owner of the winery in Piedmont, and her husband, artist and sculptor Giuseppe, the project support. Olivieri inspired them, to develop a bronze statue. The statue embodies a guts kid, holding a globe in his hand. She travelled throughout Germany and Italy now, to sensitize people for the still unspeakable conditions, in which Uganda’s children need to grow up.

While the Group Doppio gioco (doubles) at the farm sympathetically interpreted songs of the famous Italian singer-songwriter Lucio Battisti, typical dishes from Bavaria and the Monferrato to the wines of Tenuta are served to guests at the tavern. Since it can be elated about the Mediterranean watercolors by Brigitte and “Andrea Stolzle chat currently in the exhibition, two women, two styles” will be presented at the winery. The beautiful is one such night”, Sabine Ehrmann is pleased that emotions connect people across cultural boundaries and again today we succeeded.” To know the guests, who enjoy feeling then but typical Italian life until the early hours of the morning. Michael S. Zerban



November 4th


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