Walton Land

The Fund may in addition together with investors from Canada and Asia within the framework of the third-party co. ownership”in Walton Fund koinvestieren. The investments also characterized different stages of development which also permits an optimization with respect to the duration of the project. The short-term entry into advanced projects could allow a faster realisation of profit and thus distributions within the framework of the planned term of four to seven years. To do this, we can make first parallel investment with investors from Canada and Asia”, emphasizes Nagy. The investments are made according to the strict guidelines of the premium I Walton, the both Walton purchase criteria for land, as well as other funds own parameters included. The significant success of the investment should however, be based on the know-how, the planning and conceptual skills, as well as the extensive network of Walton, because only in the Walton Land management process is refined”the country.

The results of the previously settled land developments were detected in a track record, has been tested by a reputable international audit firm. Below are the average results of all implemented projects in the period from 1998 to 2009 28,24%, which corresponds to a rate of return (after Zinseszinsrechnung) 14.82%. For Nagy, the Walton group of companies has in recent years professionalized the process of for land management and systematized. By applying this know-how land management on a selection and development process, where the value of the land revalued by the Walton business model is a multiple of the originally purchased raw country “, he explains. Due to the strong involvement of the necessary management know-how, offering participation in the Walton premium I for him shows therefore the trains of a real estate private equity participation. More information:



July 6th


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