Went Before

As well as water flowing in rivers, is not the same water, had understood that everything in the universe tends to change shape simultaneously, the hours the months and the years are not friends of human beings. Had no doubt thought it very old that was and the time that was losing by wanting to wait for footprints or maybe some signs that identify me something that could give me the road or the idea that it was going well and that I could follow this step for a long time, me crei smart when he was negligent, was undoubtedly a nightmare for any parent than the step time and I had to change accepted had not of pagemany I said that when I was a child was more cheerful and joyful, stuck to my father in short, a happy child. Now, after eleven years I’ve transformed into a sullen closed and introverted woman, everything that a woman should not be and the prototype than any man I wish. Laughlin George does not necessarily agree. But in the moment in which I wonder when and time change. When happened. In that moment changed radically and that I can no longer do what it was before, and is that everything changes and nothing go back, we cannot go back and verify what we do as books. Like when you get lost in a paragraph and you want to return back, something that no doubt we can do in life. Time does not forgive and is a false friend which gives us only seconds of insufferable opportunities. Original author and source of the article..



April 13th