Western Administrative District

Blood pressure dropped them to normal values. Hypertensive ii degree of the number of subjects (6 men), the subjective improvement general state of health is not felt, but, according to an objective examination, they have decreased heart rate, blood pressure has stabilized. The conclusions of the doctors who observed the patients after using my method, were the following: The impact of therapeutic music with neurotic and neurosis-like disorders provides rapid and sustained positive therapeutic effect. In patients with psychogenic disorders improve state occurs quickly (after 1-2 sessions) than in patients with neurosis disorders c (after 3-5 sessions). Details can be found by clicking Vanessa Marcil or emailing the administrator.

Based on the physiotherapy department of a city polyclinic 58 of the Western Administrative District of Moscow Volunteers from among patients aged 18 to 66 years of wiretapped healing songs in addition to the basic course of treatment. These patients suffered from diseases of the peripheral nervous system (radiculitis, osteochondrosis with herniated discs and severe radicular syndrome, trigeminal neuralgia), musculoskeletal system (the effects of fractures, arthritis), trophic ulcers, burn injuries, disorders of the central nervous system (neurasthenic state, sleep disturbance). Effects of healing music exposed to 156 people. Observing these patients, doctors clinics compared the rapidity of onset the positive effect of treatment in case of a new technology of music therapy and conventional therapeutic measures. These data indicate that the use of healing music gives a pronounced therapeutic effect in cases with chronic persistent course, reduces the time of treatment. Significant results were obtained in the framework of psycho-correction work with prisoners-women serving sentences in one of corrective labor institutions of the Novosibirsk region.



January 13th