When You Do Not Get What You Want

A few days ago, right after an activity for relaxation and visualization with a group of fellow teachers, one of them approached me with sadness and told me of their inability to get the things that had been proposed in life despite that was a good person, very faithful and good human being. I could not give an answer at this time but I got to thinking that not too long ago I was in the same situation and that as much as he wanted, things were not as I wanted. The big question is: If before was the same person I am today, why today of things come so naturally and everything I had dreamed flows without much difficulty? I think the answer I have also found a natural way. Everything you want in life will always flow to you, but often does not arrive because the doors are closed. It's as if before the door of your house was a messenger with a thousand-dollar check for you but you did not open because you have closed the door locked and no find the keys and your house is in disorder.

The messenger can not wait any longer and leaves. To find the keys need to organize your home, give harmony to make things work correctly. Everything you want is at your door, all you have to do is open, but to open you have to finish with your inner conflicts and fill you with much peace and harmony, otherwise, by more than planned and I will propose , things did not go as you wish. Today I realized that the reason that my dreams are slowly becoming a reality is I have found my true harmony, which leads to feel a deep inner peace. JAIRO GUERRERO R. Harmonize your life, realize your dreams and build your own reality techniques to achieve your goals infallible power of music in personal development



August 27th