Windows Movie Maker

GENERAL OBJECTIVE: To awake the interest of the children for the use of the Movie Maker in its daily life. SPECIFIC OBJECTIVE: To stimulate the curiosity of the child for the thematic one of the lesson through the use of the Movie Maker. To identify to sonorous track, image and videos, detaching the importance of the thematic one during the communication of the content. METHODOLOGY to reach the objectives considered in this lesson will be used 4h of lesson, in which the introduction of the subject and its contents will be developed through the use of the following didactic resources: digital camera, computer, date show, questionnaire I and II, photos, videos and music (S.O. S Ecology of Zezinho de Garanhuns and Marcolino) Questionnaire I and II: for gauging of the perception before and after the lesson.

The first one will be applied without no previous boarding on the thematic one. As the boarding on the thematic one will be applied after to evidence if it had change in the perception the pupils. Dynamics of the teia: reflection of the collective work, in which we will approach the importance that each one represents for the Environment. Date show (use of the Windows Movie Maker) for illustration of the images with sonorous track, showing and telling to the ambient impacts such as: deforestation, climatic pollution, changes, and others case that contributes so that it occurs the ambient impacts. CHALLENGING ACTIVITY Confection of an educative video confectioned by the proper pupils with images and sonorous tracks that portray the impacts ambient. EVALUATION practical Lesson: where the children will register images on the thematic one, relating it a music that will go to subsidize the thematic environment; Verbal exercises on thematic the boarded one for the consideration of the previous knowledge of each one; Questionnaire before and after the lesson, considering that it will be the same for evaluating the level of perception of all the students.



October 1st