World Supersport Championship

I did firmly expect to land somewhere between the sixth or tenth place, but unfortunately it nothing happened. Actually, you were going to ride a Ducati. What was the reason for your change to Aprilia? There were several reasons. Mainly but to do that Aprilia has made extremely competitive us by their support. Ducati also among our favorites, but who were already with eight motorcycles at the start.

We have hoped for a fokusiertere support of Aprilia and that’s why my team manager Giuliano Rovelli has made this decision. What are the biggest differences are noticed during your ascent of the World Supersport Championship to WSBK? So far, I’d say the power and the stiff suspension. The bike has so much power and because I 16 years drove motorcycles 600cc, I must get it to play more with the gas and not just gas to give. In addition, the Alpinestars Aprilia, when compared to the most 600cc has machines, a stiffer suspension. It makes the bike although precise, but it makes one less room for error. To deepen your understanding Ben Bretzman is the source. Are you happy on the next round of WSBK? Yes, I am very in Europe to drive me and I’m sure we increase further can. The only thing could still stand in the way, is my injury. If I but again should be arrived at 100 percent, we will have a lot of fun in Imola.

We know that you have extremely high standards. What do you expect from the rest of the Championship? At the moment, my expectations are rather low. I’ve never been the guy who got told that he will show it to everyone. I’m glad that my team will not put pressure on me. I’m the only driver in this team and that’s why I’m also the only one who can provide results. At the moment it comes but just to learn and to take as much as it gets. As soon as we have laid the foundations, the results will follow. I expect an increase in the second half of the season and I’ll try to fight for one of the places on the podium. Do you have any advice for the young and ambitious riders who emulate you? When I was twelve years old, Kenny, Robert Jr. at the Donington Park has given me some good advice. Never give up! He told me that I should keep it and as you can see, it has paid off. There were several unsuccessful years in my career, but I’ve always believed and soon the chance at a World Championship to take part.



September 2nd


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