Your Children And The Current World

What touching you live to your son? Modern parents, like you, know well that they need new tools and support of people specialized in training topics that are a valuable aid in complying effectively their role as parents. I congratulate you for those longing to be a better father, that today you are here, it only shows that you are committed to the progress of your family and that this is very valuable for you. Those who do not seek information and knowledge will continue educating their children with models and archaic schemes that no longer work in these times of constant change. Don’t forget that it is likely that those models act in self-defeating way in the education of your children. Live your son in an environment much more complicated than the one in which you lived to age; Therefore it is very important that you prepare to face the problems that have and those who have. We live in a society highly consumerist, a vicious circle which promotes the acquisition of unnecessary products that become indispensable and which in turn motivate us to acquire other products with similar or complementary characteristics. An example, if we give our child a cell phone, it is very likely that soon we have to buy a new one because friends have other more modern; later, you may need to have the cell phone camera, then you will ask why doesn’t have movie camera or recorder, the following shall apply for a cell phone with connection to Internet and television, and finally, there is no Finally, because consumption is a highway that has no end. The media sell us lifestyles of the rich and famous, an exuberant life to which the vast majority aspires in these times. Therefore, that an average family currently has one higher household expenditure than it was 20 or 30 years ago.



April 27th