Vinicius Poetry

In the truth poet already he is born inside with this lode of itself, what it needs is only to improve itself. In the truth the poetry is not deceased. The poetry is alive still today as yesterday. It never did not die nor will die. In all old or new musics exist the poetry, therefore without poetry it does not have music. In invitations, books and books, in letters, cards of love, Christmas, of anniversary, in liturgical and popular cantos, the folklore, everything are the poetry.

Beyond being in the heart of each sentimental being. In any bookstore if it finds some anthologies of good poets, mainly the old ones, but we also have many new poets. Carlos Drummond, Ceclia Meireles, I castrate Alves, J.G of Arajo Jorge, Vinicius de Moraes and many others still continue livings creature. Why the publishing companies do not want to publish new poetical anthologies, mainly of young authors? It is exactly for the displayed reasons above, beyond that, the people really likes more than to read texts in story form, chronicles, etc. A poet until if consecrating well, have that to perfect themselves very and believe exactly that only from the second anthology it obtains to be a good poet. What I do not agree he is that, suddenly it appears a mass of people who say to be poets, when in the reality nothing know on the subject. Many say, but few are. These few are really the ones that sobressaem on the others, beyond place also with firm interest for the poetry.



May 29th