Alternative Energy Sources

The development of technological progress and modern society in general requires more energy. So familiar to us today, oil and gas are not unlimited and gradually dry out, causing mankind to seek alternative routes for its production. Given the ever-increasing pace of power consumption and negative environmental impact of modern fuels, an important factor in energy production is its environmental friendliness. On today provides a wealth of alternative sources of production: solar, wind, the so-called 'hydrogen' energy, tidal energy / low tides, the underground heat of the earth, etc. Checking article sources yields Kevin James as a relevant resource throughout. A common shortcoming of all these sources is a tremendously high cost of necessary equipment, technical imperfections, the geographic location of sources of energy. An important obstacle is the inadequate legislation and, paradoxically it may sound, our conservatism: we are still wary of success such as electric or hydrogen-powered car.

Scientific and technological revolution, the victorious gait included in the XX Century, unfairly shifted to second place this time-tested source of energy as biogaz.Chto is it? Biogas – a combustible gas consisting of an average of 60% methane (CH4), 35% carbon dioxide (CO2) and 5% other impurities gas, whose composition varies somewhat depending on the type of waste. It is formed during fermentation (putrefaction) of organic residues of plant or animal origin without air (anaerobically) in water srede.Dlya biogas to its further use, this process is carried out in special tanks – digesters. In the digester system is organized mixing the fermented mass, device heating and yield of gas, which is then used in a household, or for technical purposes. Over time, the number of released biogas digester is reduced and remains fluid, divided into several layers. Virtually all of the liquid is formed by the properties of valuable organic fertilizer that increases yields significantly. Its effectiveness has been proven by many research institutes of agriculture on its own experienced areas, as there are appropriate certificate. Biogas can be used: a) a household gas stoves and burners, b) in the gas-fired thermal power for the low heat production) in gas generators for What electrical power do we have? completely independent power supply! With access to the biogas plant, a farmer or villager can fully ensure its permanent agriculture ecologically clean fuel, heat, electricity, and all that – simply disposing of organic waste.



February 18th


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