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You assume this customer-relevant and differentiating features: what can we do better, faster, easier, cheaper for our customers. Write all of this in writing. 3. composition of the team: these include in particular the employees who are affected by the later implementation. Thus, you minimize in emerging resistances from the front. Provide for visionaries, thinkers, missionaries, songwriter and customer Ambassador Worriers in the team as well as for experts and amateurs. Mix men and women, old and young. Letters you the team carefully.

A trained moderator can help to control the process steps. 4. idea generation: embark on a neutral, trouble-free, inspirational place and insert matching creativity techniques. Care at the beginning for good humor and a creative warm-up. Time units of 30 to 60 minutes are optimal.

Not too fast stop, at this early stage need a maximum of ideas. Save all ideas. And you will notice the three golden rules of a creative session: quantity before quality, inspiration is encouraged all participants are on an equal footing, no hierarchy no criticism, neither positive nor negative type 5 ideas evaluation and selection: use appropriate evaluation and selection techniques to summarize the found ideas, to combine and to separate the chaff from the wheat. This can do a separate assessment team are also customers. Create a list of priorities, sort by marketability, feasibility, time horizon, economy and Nichtkopierbarkeit. This usually leads to other ideas. At the end of this process, some a few promising favorites remain. This name and define the way ahead, for example, in the form of a project. 6 implementation: Make first for internal acceptance, especially in the affected ‘ employees. This is done best by involvement and early, regular, open communication. To provide the necessary resources. Communicate actively with the market, in particular with the target audiences and the press. Hear other arguments on the topic with Simon Pagenaud. Bring your idea or innovation quickly into the market at the right time. Experiment and test variants. Let the customers eventually to decide. 7. control and optimization: Compare the results with your target definition. Get feedback from the customers, you hear the soft tones and the critical remarks. Optimizing you continuously, that is: you start this process from the beginning. Provide a regular supply of fresh, unique ideas. In particular, the idea management includes the following points: ideas from customers partners suppliers employees competitors experts other industries other markets of the public etc. Processes collect views evaluate decide test optimize introduce communicate control log reward ideas for new audiences new products services quality of service procedures/processes design/functionality distribution partnerships marketing communication book Orell Fussli, Zurich, 3rd Act lead to the theme Anne M. Schuller customer proximity in the Executive Suite as you kundenfokussiert employees.



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