Astrology. Influence Of The Eleventh House Natal Chart To Life

Black Moon (Lilith) in the leading possession (monastery) in Scorpio. In junior possession (monastery) – in Capricorn. In exile – in Taurus and Cancer. In the exaltation – in Pisces (the same place and Venus, the supreme seduction). In the fall – in Virgo. White Moon (Selene) in senior possession (monastery) – in the Taurus. In junior possession (monastery) – – in Cancer. In exile – in Scorpio and Capricorn.

In the exaltation – the Virgo (virgin – spiritual wisdom). In exile – in Pisces. Northern, Ascendant (Rahu) lunar node in the -exaltation in Gemini (the pupil). In the fall – in Sagittarius (the teacher). Southern, Descending (Ketu) lunar node in exaltation, in Sagittarius (the teacher). In the fall – in Gemini (the pupil). Zodiac Aquarius symbolically corresponds to the eleventh home natal chart. Influence of the eleventh house natal chart on human life eleventh house indicates the degree of freedom in his life from the influence of fate, the various and unexpected incidents, changes and developments.

All new, innovative, unconventional and original in one's life. Possibility of correcting the man of their own destiny. Ideas and aspirations of human life beyond the traditional framework – from the present into the future. Participation rights in collective creativity. His work in groups. Eleventh house indicates the relation of man to friends and friends of people to him. Depending on the parameters associated with the eleventh house (in the natal chart person) Friends will be many or few. Friends of the Rights will be faithful and loyal and unreliable and treacherous.



December 29th


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