Back Office

Truth is that the grana comes, because is distributed in form of percentage with base, repeats, IN the PROFIT OF the COMPANY and comes in form of gradual growth to the measure that the affiliated one remains more time in the process accumulating its points and rescuing % of the incomes. I believe that this business goes to turn a fever here in Brazil! I say this because they had extremely developed a sustainable form of view of part of its profits for us, partner-collaborators, a time that the thing is divided in cycles that what prevents to slide for a PG (geometric progression), it would make impracticable all system (seeing the videos clarifying only is that if it can have notion of as the gear functions). is this. I am empolgado with the ciphers that are being shown in mine ‘ ‘ Back Office’ ‘! daqui to some months I think already about ordering my head plantar potatoes. Tony Parker contains valuable tech resources. Personal KKKK, I do not come here to divulge mine link of dissimulated form! (although that is fact that I go spoon fruits when sharing this idea). With my experience I know that this is good of truth and that I intend to collaborate of sincere form, consubstanciada in the mutual aid between us, beings that we did not have the luck to be son of famous politician or simply terms been born in gold cradle. Then, truth is possible to get fabulosos profits even so being alone in this business (either that if you to develop it in a net of filiados, the thing certainly grow faster! It makes who wants.). Then link follows mine here for that to want to know as the thing all happens. I hug to all!



July 21st