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And it is not a simple tongue twisters. One can see it, wherever you go, in any manifestation of life. Enough with look at heaven, clouds, rain, mountains, sea, flowers. It is everywhere. But of course, if one is blind – spiritually speaking-, ever find it in none of these evidences.

Moreover, for who interprets life with tremendous faith in its interior – in addition to all those places that I mentioned-, God is within oneself, because we are his children. Closer, impossible. For example if we are on a beach, and see when the wave embraces the edge splashing a drop of water that drop, by smaller that is, will have identical components – to smaller scale-that the vast ocean, right? The same thing happens with human beings, that however small we are compared to the planet and the universe, yet all have the same elements as the. You Dear reader, his family, his friends, his enemies, we are all part of God, although many do not know, or define this concept and outside reality. We are also, a tiny drop of that stunning ocean that is God. Why, in this confused and confusing world, should call on aid to that great universal source to go forward, because as the own Jesus said: everything that you pidieres to pray, believe that ye shall receive, and I shall come. But attention dear reader, don’t be left only in the simple order.

Immediately acquire the disciplined attitude of tenacity and determination of a true conqueror. Do your part to be a just worthy of such aid will provide you with Dios, corroborating the message of a great Russian proverb that said pray, but don’t let rowing towards the shore. Then we should not expect that everything he do it for you. Help you! Because it is very true things that perhaps God will not give us all the things we ask you, but will surely Yes provide us which need and if we have that we need, the rest is paid by our! In synthesis, we who choose to walk alone through life, erratically seeking success and the personal fulfilment, or designate God as our unconditional Guide and Counsellor. What is your choice? Excerpted item of the book How to live in the planet of the Confusion of Marcelo afternoon Benitez Visit our website, write to us and with pleasure we will answer. If you liked this article, you can reproduce it, provided it is faithfully and mentioning our source, or name and web. We are at your command, have a great day!



October 9th


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