BitDefender Debunked

Angelina Jolie, Britney Spears and Barack Obama are part of a new spam campaign with dangerous malware Holzwickede, 29 July 2008 BitDefender anti-virus specialist have discovered a new type of malware distribution: spam messages that to trick computer users and persuade, to download malicious software and to install on their computers. The malware distribution method based on message fragments, Act of show-stars like Angelina Jolie, Britney Spears, or important American politicians such as Barack Obama. E-Mail messages lead the unwary users to Web pages, which are supposed to watch video clips. However when you visit the page, turns out that there is an image of a video player to watch is, which is linked to an executable program (an EXE file). Now, to see the clip tells the user, a rogue update for Adobe widespread to download Flash Player. However, this is infected with Trojan.Downloader.Tibs.GZM. To make matters worse, the program starts automatically with the \”Other unwanted malicious software download a phenomenon, as drive-by download\” is known. This alone should be enough as a warning for the user to put the legitimacy of the file in question.

Run once, he installed Trojan more malware, including the infamous Trojan.Peed.JPU, which is widespread in the Storm botnet. The new mail distribution campaign has mainly computer users with limited knowledge in terms of data security to the target. Users who ignore probably knowingly General safety rules to get access to sensational news, are also affected. The E-Mail messages are part of a larger wave, attempting to infect users with various Trojans. These types of messages have started two days ago, to fill the mailboxes of the users. Originally designed as a message with only a single structure, developed quickly three variants: a category with a single, purely text-based portion, a second with an HTML portion and a third, the are the templates the Opera mail client makes use of\”, says Bogdan Dumitru, BitDefender CTO.



November 4th


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