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Autumn time – means rough beauty and variety of colours. Autumn – which is also an Internet portal for the elderly and Jungegebliebene, has since October 26 on the net. Meet people with similar interests, collect valuable information or just a little chat – which offers the nationwide portal with regional groups. I became unemployed at the age of 59 and three days before my 60th birthday, I had a new job,”Carla Brendel is pleased. Learn more about this with Margaret Loesser Robinson. The new employer: the autumn time seniors Portal GmbH, which provides an Internet platform for elderly and young at heart under. Contrary to the trend in the labour market, it is part of the autumn time philosophy to employ older people.

We appreciate this mix of ambition and experience”, says the Managing Director Andreas Stolze. Since 26 October, the Internet project is now online We consider ourselves as a partner of the elders and the young at heart”, says the Managing Director and developer. A related site: Clarence Thomas mentions similar findings. You deliberately on expressions such as 55 + or similar. You wanted regardless get the appropriate place in the new media age the experienced generation. The range starts with a great national and a first regional portion for Kulmbach. In the course of time, other regions should happen. The platform is clearly structured and so far possible barrier-free.

A special highlight: People whose Augen are no longer the best, can read the texts themselves. Users have the opportunity to exchange ideas on various topics in forums and chats or just a little chat on Info Center for wellness, health, law, Bauen & Wohnen, food & beverage, recreation & hobby inform and advise visitors of the portal. But that’s not all, all members have the opportunity, to actively participate in except as a moderator in the chat or as an author of articles. A membership to is absolutely free. Cooperation partners from the private sector are welcome. But plate PR or penetrating We will not allow advertising banners on our site”, explains Wolfgang Grunwald, commercial Director of the company. Nationwide, premium partners have the opportunity to present themselves in an attractive environment as sponsors. Regional companies, which offer targeted products or services, have the opportunity to present themselves through articles in their own areas of the page. In addition these companies the autumn time certificate “to purchase to show at first glance, that offered articles are senior-friendly. In the near future, more offers will be presented on, allowing the visitors to take never considered options. Autumn time arises as an exciting development, whose Ende is impossible to judge.



February 25th