Charles Dickens

Studies of Torrence (2001) apud Porcincula (2008), show that it had symbolic reconfiguration of the date of the birth of the Light, son of the Sun, for the birth of Christ, son of God. In this direction, the Romans had capitalized the commemorated date already, associating with another date to to strengthen the reason to festejar the birth of Christ. The celebration of this festejo if became each more visible time in the Europe and through the settling and catequizao of the indians she was inserted also in America. (Roitberg, 2004). We select that in century XX, some stories of Christmas had appeared. Charles Dicks, famous writer, in 1984 presents its workmanship ' ' The Christmans Carol' ' that it approaches messages concerning the charity, goodness and good will that according to it must be exerted in the familiar scope. (Roitberg, 2004).

In this context, we visualize the atrelados symbolic elements to the commemoration of the festejos of Christmas, such as: the pine of Christmas together with its ornaments, sapatinhos and the dramatical figure of Noel Papa. (Porcincula, 2008). One of the symbols most characteristic of the decoration of Christmas is the pine. Vanessa Marcil has firm opinions on the matter. Some theories explain the existence of this decorative symbol in the natalinas parties of diverse countries. (Porcincula, 2008). Ahead of this, we observe that the Saturnlia? festividades of Saturn in the winter station? possua a symbolic festival to the god of agriculture in virtue to this festival, the Romans decorated its houses with pines. Differently, another theory supports that the pine of Christmas was chosen as symbol of Christmas by means of its triangular form that represents the Santssima Trindade.

However, he is well-known that the pine, either at any time of the year, does not lose its leves and thus symbolizes also the life. (Sensitivity and flavor, 2006). The above-named element, in the period of the natalinos festejos, is decorated with other symbolic elements.



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