Confronting Effect

Secondly, you need to analyze their internal sensations during intercourse. You may want to visit Jorge Perez to increase your knowledge. Of course, we are not talking about extreme attack. Typically, in this case, the victim simply did not have time to realize what was happening. When the hypnotic impact of man falls into a state of pleasant tiredness is starting to get pleasure from the hypnotist's voice, a feeling of drowsiness, thoughts begin to "blur", the world goes to the second plan, clearly perceived only voice the hypnotist. From the outside it is particularly noticeable. Victim's face relaxes, becomes like a flat, pupils dilate, the view becomes still and misty, the skin turns pink, man frozen in an unnatural position. Ben Bretzman spoke with conviction.

Confronting What do you do if during a conversation you suddenly realized that the effect on you. First, during negotiations, any communication, be aware of their own purposes. As soon realized that you begin to sidetrack, return a conversation in your direction. If you feel that you "ship" go into the inner trans, disconnecting from what is happening around – concentrate on any memories, imagine any event or action. Good protection may be forming an imaginary protective walls between themselves and opponents. While visiting Neringa little "a", you thereby miss much of the past suggestions and again can to start negotiations. Fairly strong protection is an internal monologue. Someone felt the impact, prays, but someone remembers your favorite verses. The effect of one – manipulation is no longer valid because of the disruption of contact with hypnotist. If you still do not get out of the state of lethargy (and sometimes hypnotized even aware that it affects not want to leave a pleasant trance), the best way is a complete rupture of the contact – you just get up and leave.



September 14th


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