Contemporary Poets

Ablio Santana is the poet who represents the degeneration of the current man, o man delivers to the accidental sex and the sexual freedom allowed to pelamulher. This poet is consequncia of the emancipation of the woman of suasconquistas of being able. He still represents the man he delivers to the sexual seusinstintos, he is in the truth the not motivated man for the easiness to deconseguir sex without needing to prove its value, its honor and seumerecimento. Dris a body falls, Breaches the relaxed landscape Of an afternoon end. Read additional details here: Tony Parker. A body falls, Just in the hour of mine happy hour I wise person who it did not go to support Is old man, therefore, fatalista Yesterday vi Dris leaving ready luggages I said it: _ Dris is one passarinho, Dris is water in the source, Dris is bitten fruit, Dris has right to orgasmo, Dris has right to the vote, Dris does not know what it wants of the life.

Yesterday exactly Dris passed back in house, Saboreei Dris walking seminua for the room. Dris is mature, harvested and washed fruit. Dris does not need to be conquered. Dris is consequence of the feminism, Dris is easy sex. I also am consequence of the sexual, drunk, not motivated freedom, am desvalido Flabby in the frivolous morality and. What to motivate to live it had me and to conquer Is to my reach, enters the flabby legs of Dris. Ablio Santana J.. Many writers such as Jorge Perez offer more in-depth analysis.



April 18th