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Under the label strain PLAN, Schmitt and partner offers five new seminar concepts to current training topics. The economic consulting firm has brought five new, fully elaborated seminar concepts with which companies can train their employees, Schmitt and partner, Wurzburg, on the market. “” “” “Are the titles of the training packages offered under the label strain PLAN : intercultural communication”, change management, strategic management “, communication techniques in the telephone customer service”and professional customer service through motivated employees”. That increases the number of under the brand name TRAIN PLAN offered seminar concepts on about 80. about one third of this is also available in English; more than a dozen also in Polish. With the TRAIN schedule seminar concepts that exist as CD-ROMs, internal as well as independent manager within an hour or two are planning a seminar to prepare, because each package in addition to a participant’s script also required Includes presentation templates and a trainer’s Guide. The trainer can use these documents unchanged. You can but also their corporate design and if necessary adjust the individual needs of each participant.

Both is easily possible with the TRAIN PLAN seminar concepts as they are delivered in Word and PowerPoint format and are therefore changeable. Also useful tools such as badges and certificate templates as well as schedules and checklists are located on the CD. The seminar concepts are usually designed so that a two-day training can be performed with them. Although individual modules can be singled out and combined for example with modules from other TRAIN PLAN seminar concepts. Also the training of selected areas is possible. This is according to Wolfgang j.

Schmitt, founder and managing partner of Schmitt and partner, often in company practice, when executives their employees for example in half an hour again How would we best respond to angry customers. Trainers and companies that want to take advantage of a TRAIN PLAN seminar concept, get this for a one time fee and a low annual service charge. For this you can use the concept of unlimited. A single license for coach 158 euros; a company license for companies with up to 100 employees 358 euros. With the purchase of several concepts are reduced the prices according to the number. More information at on the TRAIN PLAN seminar concepts. You can contact also Cristiano Walker by Schmitt and partner, Wurzburg, (Tel: 0931/79680-77;) E-Mail:).



January 29th


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