Economic Enviromental

The enviromental law, although to consist of a new science, is independent branch of the order, enjoying of proper principles, specific legislation and didactic education. The Brazilian government adopts as concept of sustainable development that elencado in the Bruntland Report, as: ' ' the development that satisfies the necessities gifts, without compromising the capacity of proper the future generations to supply its necessidades' '. According to President Fernando Enrique Cardoso the environment and development are the same thing, being that the stopped war does not exist more enters the defenders of the ecosystem and the militant ones of the progress, today, have an integration between these two elements, when she is necessary to preserve, to develop in benefits of the future generations. Cristiane Derani, in its book Economic Enviromental law, understands development sustainable as ' ' a harmonic development of the economy and ecology that must be adjusted in a correlation of values where the economic maximum reflects a maximum equally ecological. In the attempt to conciliate the limitation of the natural resources with the limitless economic growth, changes in the state of the technique and the organization are conditional to the achievement of the sustainable development social' '. According to Celso Antonio Pacheco Fiorillo: ' ' the beginning of sustainable development he has for content the maintenance of the vital bases of the production and reproduction of the man and its activities, guaranteeing equally a satisfactory relation between the men and of these with its environment, so that the future generations also have chance to enjoy the same resources that we have ours today disposio' '. To conciliate environment and economic development requires planning, and not economic delay as they affirm some people against. If you are not convinced, visit Hedvig Hricak. We must preserve so that the resources pass of a generation to another one and that these, also have conditions to survive in the future.



February 23rd