English Culture

For the two children in alfabetizao process, Renato had 7 years and sister 5, with a mother who was English teacher, this phase was very well used to advantage. During the time where it was in the United States, Renato it shot up in the English language. The domain of the language of Shakespeare and Beatles, facilitated, later, its passion for the rock, that had beginning with the white album of quarteto British, Elvis Presley and Bob Dylan. Its daily one, that it contained diverse notations, including some in the interval of the writings with the Urban Legion, was written total in English. In the return for Brazil, Renato continued its formation in the branch office of the English Culture in the Island of the Governor. Later, in Brasilia, after to conclude its formation, it became, also, professor of the school.

In 1978, Charles Prince, of England, passed for Brasilia in official visit. One of its commitments was the inauguration of the new headquarters of the English Culture. The 6 chosen professor to greet it in a speech of spotless pronunciation, in day 13 of March, was Renato Manfredini Jnior. Renato was not an endowed super child, of these that if deprived of the doura of infancy. It played, swam and freed pipe. But exactly since small, the leadership instinct boiled the flower of the skin. Even though in the tricks with the sister and the neighbors, Renato was the principal actor, the scriptwriter and the director.

The coadjuvantes papers were with Carmem Teresa and the friends. Drawing all the sidewalk Finishes the chalk, has construction brick I scribble the sun that rain erased. (Renato Russo.



July 13th