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The PINETIX.Cloud is one of the most flexible and secure solutions in the industry. With the products from the range PINETIX.An individually scalable server solution with cloud connectivity and seamless encryption introduces the Horx & Walsh GbR cloud, which is suitable both for personal use and small businesses and large companies. The combination of locally available data and coupled cloud storage ensures the country in compliance with important data protection laws, that PINETIX.Cloud can be counted among the most flexible and secure solutions in the industry. Perfect safety – especially in the year 2013 all servers reside exclusively in the Federal Republic of Germany and therefore within the scope of the strict German Data Protection Act. Users, the your data the PINETIX.Cloud servers trust, will benefit from a comprehensive automatic data encryption. The Horx & Walsh GbR nor third parties have access to the data or the encryption password. Only authorized employees of the company can data see, whether stored locally or online stored and will remain so in the future.

Data are therefore not stored on servers abroad and are thus not the arbitrariness of the laws in other countries also. Filed under: george karfukel. source, but as a related topic. In regard to PRISM, tenses and similar scandals takes the protection of own company data in the PINETIX.Cloud a rank especially high. Scalable server for every field of application the three products of PINETIX.Cloud / / green, PINETIX.Cloud //White and PINETIX.Cloud //Black are adapted to the needs of a wide group of users: the first solution in the form of a traditional NAS storage solution can be applied even in very small companies, while PINETIX.Cloud is //White to companies from the middle class. Who are looking for a secure solution for use in large companies, is the scalable solution PINETIX.The best advise cloud //Black. This extensive product portfolio covers all conceivable usage purpose and thus comes the customers both security and flexibility in Highly contrary to. Unlimited availability both locally and in the Internet as special as opposed to pure cloud solutions all data are on the PINETIX.Cloud servers can be placed, available locally via LAN connection and high speed related. Internet failures or other unforeseen errors at any time, the company is able to work, because a local copy of all data is always available.

The product of Horx & Walsh GbR is a large step in the area of the permanent availability thus pure cloud solutions of various competitors. At the same time benefit all users of the PINETIX.Cloud technology of connecting to stable cloud servers, so that data via laptop, tablet or Smartphone by travelling be obtained can perfectly synchronized with the data from the Office. If the file server should be disturbed, has a defect or even stolen, users continue to have access to your data on the cloud. The timeliness of data is through the Permanent Guarantees synchronization between the file server and cloud. An additional backup on the file server ensures an even higher safety. PINETIX.Cloud for sustainable security and flexibility with the products of the PINETIX.Cloud series are a high cost savings compared to other cloud storage solutions, a scalability according to the needs of the user and a boundless availability combined. Coupled with the security ensured by the encryption, the Federal Data Protection Act thereby held and the low investment costs for companies of all sizes emerges as a storage solution that is equipped for the demands of the 21st century.



August 20th


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