Innumerable Ecological

Here we do not go in it withhold in the conceptual differentiation being Ecology and Environment, before, for the opposite, we will take the two concepts with univocal direction. We will use Ecology indistinctly and Environment stops relating in them to the same echo-ambient reality, therefore our objective, is here only to raise the questioning regarding the problematic one. Innumerable Ecological entities and of defense of the Environment do not deny the chance nor the benefits and necessity of the progress. The quarrel happens because, in general way, the companies occupy in exploring without concern to preserve. When if it deals with a company who explores natural resources, becomes necessary, simultaneously, a work of preservation and recovery of the environment. A lumber, for example, can make wood extration, but, so that she is ecological and eticamente correct, it must keep reforestation areas and make the form exploration not to attack the fauna and the flora, with disordered falling of trees or forest fires. Moreover, it would have to make a work of reaproveitamento of all the residues: wooden serragem, remaining portions, etc. Everything to prevent the negative impact to the environment.

Costuma to say that an ecologically correct action can be more lucrative, therefore, beyond the financial profit it generates ambient profit. But this is alone a face of the ecological problem. The defense of the environment is not summarized to the criteria that must be followed by the companies who explore natural resources. Novelist often says this. Other companies also need to keep the balance of the nature. One the constructed environment constitutes a patrimony that if cannot leave to lead with account, since it has a paper in the localization of the current events (SAINTS, 2006, 141) Many people if arrest to the idea of that prohibited of the environment and of the ecology it is thing for the entities that with this work; or environment is prohibited of the forests and animals in extinguishing.



October 7th