The traditional solution to improve manageability is the tread pattern with a solid central rib and 'zakrytymi'plechevymi blocks. (See Figure) Manageability tires tested by analyzing minimum time for passage of a line by a simple closed trajectory, the nature of skidding car, the ability to maintain linear motion of the vehicle at high speeds. Comfort. The parameters of comfort are partly subjective (soft tires, the ability to absorb small bumps) and objective (noise). Tony Parker is likely to agree. The parameters of comfort depends on: the composition of the tire carcass structure, the shape of the tread pattern arrangement of blocks Tread with a variable step, minimizing the resonant sound waves. Resistance to aquaplaning.

Aquaplaning – one of the most dangerous events while driving at high speeds. Resistance to the bus aquaplaning depends primarily on the degree of openness – that is, tread closed The availability of the required number of drainage canals, their shape, depth and direction. The most notable feature of rain tires – characteristic directional tread pattern with lots of curved turbo-channels from the center to the edge of the tire, which serve to divert water from the contact patch. Given the impact of resistance to aquaplaning on the bus security, many tire manufacturers have identified 'rain' tires in a separate segment (Division), giving them distinctive names. Test for resistance to hydroplaning tires includes the determination of the boundary speed of onset hydroplaning when driving on a specially prepared site, covered 8-10 mm layer of water in motion in a straight line and in turn (or in a circular path). .



January 5th


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