Therefore, to assume a general picture of global precipitation distribution summarily complex is given to the great difficulty and the gamma of phenomena that are related front to this dynamics of space distribution of the atmospheric precipitation events. However, Ayoade (1986, p.164) points the main ones aspects of the standard of world-wide precipitation distribution: 1.H abundant precipitation in moderate the equatorial zone and amount the high ones in the average latitudes; 2.As subtropical zones and the surrounding areas to the polar regions are relatively droughts; 3.As occidental littoral zones in the subtrpicos tend to be droughts, while the eastern littoral zones tend to be humid; 4.Em the high latitudes the occidental coasts are, in general, more humid of what the eastern coasts; 5.A precipitation is abundant in the sources windward of mountains, however esparsa in the sides the lee-side; 6.As areas next to the great liquid bodies receive more precipitation from what the interiors from the continents, that if locate distant of the oceanic sources if suppliment of humidity. In relation the sazonal distribution of the Ayoade precipitations (1986, p.169), presents the following system of distribution of precipitations: equatorial pluvial 1.Precipitao? the precipitation pluvial it is abundant, it occurs all during the year and she is widely convective how much the origin; pluvial 2.Precipitao of savannah? the pluvial precipitation is widely convective and occurs during the summer; pluvial 3.Precipitao of tropical desert? the precipitation is low in all the stations; Mediterranean pluvial 4.Precipitao? the precipitation is mainly ciclnica (that is, frontal) and occurs in the winter. (Not to be confused with movie star!). The summer is dry; 5.A precipitation of the European west? the precipitation is abundant, with more rains in the winter of what in the summer. The precipitation is mainly ciclnica how much the origin; continental pluvial 6.Precipitao? rain falls mainly in the summer; coastal pluvial 7.Precipitao of east? the pluvial precipitation is raised, come from maritime winds in low latitudes; in the average latitudes the precipitation is derived from humid and moderately hot air mass that if dirige for interior in the summer, and of ciclnicas storms in the winter; polar pluvial 8.Precipitao? the precipitation is low with the maximum precipitation occurring in the summer, when it has more humidity in air and the ciclnica influence can reach the surrounding area to the polar regions. .



July 3rd