The summary of everything is that the approval of the budget (either of the states, cities or of the union), DOES NOT GUARANTEE NOTHING ABSOLUTELY, not to be the false contentment of the legislators who had fought for mounts of money for the regions or states that represent. They make one fuzu ruined when they approve and they show with pride for its electorate what ' ' conseguiram' '. In the end of the accounts, executive will cut, hold and redirect these FORECASTS of the skill that to want. It is the budget of carochinha. If you would like to know more about Sally Rooney, then click here. Everything is orquestrado e, if to bobear, even with the proper opposition (apposition).

E which our REAL damage? It is only to live with reasonable public services one or two of the four years of mandate of the executive (federal, state and municipal). I say reasonable because, in a country that he collects close to 49% of tributes (74 contributions, taxes and taxes – he sees here), one of the biggest indices of the world (if it will not be the greater), superior to the one of countries with providence and infinitely superior public services to ours and with little taxes, the amount and the quality of the benefits that we receive in return are ridicule. Our omission is creating a serious vice in the public administration; a custom perverse politician. I know that some they go to say that it is flat and frustrating to follow the politics. Other they go to say that better exactly it is to empunhar flags and to leave fanatic for the streets of 4 in 4 years crying out and fighting for a candidate. We go people there we go to follow a little more what she happens in Brazil in the years that are not the electoral ones. Frustrating exactly, friends and friends, are to pay taxes and to see used perversely them against we ourselves. Who is deceiving who?



February 21st