The Belt

Bearing layer is located in the longitudinal direction of the belt. These belts to operate at between -30 C to +60 C. For drives of machine tools, industrial plants and agricultural machines used drive belts of the normal sections according to GOST 1284.1-89 – 1284.3-89. Depending on the materials and manufacturing techniques produce four classes of seat belts. class with a belt operating time of the transfer of power (U.S.

cycles)% elongation profile belt working hours without power transfer (million cycles) Elongation% I 1,5 2,5 Z (O), A 4,6 1,8-machine tools and equipment for the 2.5-motion Xia agricultural . machines in (B), C (B), D (r) 4,7 II 2,5 2,0 all the profiles 5,7 1,8 III 2,5 1,5 all profiles 3 7,0 1,5 IV , 0 1.5 8.0 1.0 All profiles Belts consist of a base layer on the basis of materials of chemical fiber (kordshnur or cord fabric), rubber and wrapping tissue svulkanizovannyh in one product. Belts of all sections with a gauge length of 8.0 m are in the carrier layer kordshnur. Belts with a gauge length of over 1.6 m and are made with kordtkanyu in the carrier layer. Often you need to complete two or more belts, designed for simultaneous operation in a group drive. In this case, kit should include a class of belts, one section of one group and one species. Belts are marked on one or both bases in relief or indelible ink. Indicated on the belt and mark (or) a conditional manufacturer's name, designation section of the nominal or internal length, date of manufacture (quarter year) designation of the belt, standard number, grade belt, brand belt.

The sequence and location of the labeling specifies the manufacturer. The most in demand in the industrial belt to the following sections: Z (0), A (A), B (B), C (B) and D (T) of varying computational lengths. Belts mounted on pulleys with corresponding profile of grooves in the unstressed state, without using any tools. Before installing the belt pulley groove should be cleaned of materials preservation and operation belts are not be exposed to oils and solvents.



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